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2204 - H Elliston Place • Nashville, TN  37203 • 1 - 615 - 320 - 7624


We're a full service tobacconist specializing in pipes, cigars, tobacco, humidors, gifts and accessories from respected companies such as Ashton, Bjarne, Brebbia, Caminetto, Don Carlos, Ferndown, Karl Erik, (W.O.) Larsen, Mastro de Paja, (C.A.O.) Meerschaum, Nording, Peterson, Poul Winslow, Savinelli, Stanwell, Colibri and more.

Established in 1976, we are located upstairs at 2204 - H Elliston Place, Nashville, Tennessee. If you are in the Nashville area we invite you to visit our climate-controlled, cedar-lined, walk-in humidor and choose from the largest selection of premium cigars in Nashville.

If you can't visit us personally, call us at 1-615-320-7624 or FAX us at: 1-615-320-7662 and order your selection(s) from our on-site customer specialists. If you'd like, you can e-mail us at!